Below is an article from Men’s Health magazine,along with some of my comments. FIND HER ONLINE Make yourself irresistible on Internet dating sites without lying — and get stunning results. by Lisa Jones MEN’S HEALTH June 2005 pp. 150 & 152 FIRST QUESTION: ARE YOU SINGLE?Second question: Are you online? If yes to both, skip [...]

From Men’s health magazine ranks Houston as nation”s fattest cityHOUSTON, Texas (AP) –When it comes to flab, Houston is No. 1. For the second consecutive year, Men’s Fitness magazine gave the title offattest to the nation’s fourth-largest city. The magazine considers air and water quality, television viewing habits,obesity rates, availability of parks and open space, [...]

Here are a few FREE general and magazine offers that we have arranged foryou. They include:NEW! Free Trial Issue Herbs for Health MagazineTreat your ills with the medicines that grow all around you. Learn how!…NEW! Four FREE Trial Issues of U.S. NewsThe newsmagazine that goes way beyond the news to help you lead anexciting and [...]

I’m 54 yrs old, 5’10″ and 175 lbs. Been doing a routine for 1-1/2 years of upper body exercises (bench press, dips, bicep curls, flies, shoulder presses) followed by cardio (2 mile run). Altho I’m in good shape (i.e. – I bench 180 lbs x 10 x 4 sets), I don’t see as much muscle [...]

There are some things because of economies of scale that only a govt can do best -war , education , health , pensions . Britain spends the least on health just 7% of GDP and yet all health care is free and medicines subsidized . One can go to any general practioner and get seen [...] Widgets We have a difference of opinion on just what these people eat. Before we throw up our hands and decide that no conclusions can be madeabout diet and health in China, let us turn our attention to the mixedpeoples of Okinawa, situated equidistant from Hong Kong and Tokyo. Theaverage lifespan for women in [...]

“Men warned about obesity problem”, BBC News, June 13, 2005,Link: Three quarters of men will be overweight within five years, researchshows. The Men’s Health Forum said a change in the way weight campaigns wereaimed at men was needed to avert the crisis. It said part of the problem was that messages were often targeted [...] Widgets The Western Diet* is the diet of affluence, and can be defined by comparingit to what the human species ate a mere ten generations ago. The Western Diet* has twice the amount of fat, a much higher ratio ofsaturated to unsaturated fatty acids, a third of the daily fibre intake,much more sugar and [...]

Why Psychiatry Should Be Abolished as a Medical Specialty (Part 1) by Lawrence Stevens, J.D. Psychiatry should be abolished as a medical specialty because medical school education is not needed nor even helpful for doing counselling or so-called psychotherapy, because the perception of mental illness as a biological entity is mistaken, because psychiatry’s “treatments” other [...]

Perhaps the the single biggest reason I have found for dieters failing in their diet effects is that many dieters try to be far too absolute in their approach to the diet. This gets into the psychological profiles of dieters I talked about way back in chapter XXX. When these people are on their diet [...]

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