Great news for girl watchers: Ogling over women’s breasts is good for a man’shealth and can add years to his life, medical experts have discovered. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, “Just 10 minutes of staringat the charms of a well-endowed female is roughly equivalent to a30-minute aerobics workout” declared gerontologist Dr. Karen [...]

Eat everything. Concentrate on whole grains. Drink milk. Balanceprotein with carbohydrates. Avoid processed sugars. Do some exercise.The idea that a diet book making such proposals comes as a pleasantsurprise shows just how far afield we’ve gone in the search for newways to be fit. The only thing new about this diet by theeditor-in-chief of Men’s [...]

Here’s another study that any patient could tell you the truth of. Healthcare in the US is mediocre at best. What a new flash. It’s hard to know ifit’s comforting or not to know ethnicity, income and any of the othercategories they love to use to slice us in to are equally treated like crap.Now [...]

Man with small penis loses health insurance enlargement battle A Berlin man with a small penis has lost his battle to get his healthinsurance company to pay for an enlargement operation. A Potsdam court has ruled his condition isn’t an illness requiring medicaltreatment. The judge did order the company to pay for psychological treatment.Court reports [...] Widgets Fit for Life – Harvey & Marilyn DiamondFit for Life Vol II, Living Health – Harvey & Marilyn DiamondThe Fine Art & Science of Natural Hygiene – SheltonThe Fine Art & Science of Food & Nutrition – SheltonThe Fine Art & Science of Fasting – Dr. Herbert M. SheltonSuperior Nutrition – Dr. Herbert [...]

Whose health is it anyway?EDITORIAL / Understanding health risks in the gay community story by Brian Gallant, Publisher and Editor-in-chief / Capital Xtra!Sep 27 2002 It shouldn¡¯t be too difficult to convince you that gay men facegreater health risks than our heterosexual counterparts. And ifyou¡¯re a sexually active gay man, there are health risks in [...]

Salons cater to men

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Salons cater to menNick SchulzSPECIAL TO THE WASHINGTON TIMES 11/27/2002 Pressing 45-pound iron plates on a bench and sculpting pectoralsand triceps is the average American male’s idea of getting “buff.” Itdoes not mean burnishing his fingernails to a glassy sheen. But that may be changing as men take a few grooming cues from thefairer [...]

I’d like a good program, book, or URL for a beginning weightlifter whois interested in a minimal program for health, general fitness andweight loss. I’m a fat old man who used to weight train for sports.Now, I just want to minimize the amount of time and expense — okay,and effort — but I’d like to [...]

Male Sexual Dysfunction is a problem found in a very large number ofadult males. Until recently there has not been a medical treatment forthe most common type of sexual dysfunction-Erectile Dysfunction.Viagra is the leading prescribed treatment for Erectile Dysfunction,also known as Impotence. ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION is the impairment of the erectile reflex. The manis unable to [...]

Collagen is the universal structural proteinfound in all animals. Clinical analysis suggests that itaccounts for roughly a third of the totalbody protein and is its major structural constituent. Itis located in the connective tissue, providingstrength and conferring form, while promotingmobility. It is invariably found in the extracellular matrices ofskeletal tissues such as cartilage and bone. [...]

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