I am a 30 year old woman living in Luton, England and I would like toexplain my current relationship situation so that you can advise me asto which way I should proceed. My boyfriend David recently moved inwith me and we have a very good relationship where he is treating melike a Princess. He is [...]

My boyfriend has severe asthma and I would like to ask a question from yourpersonal experiences & knowledge rather than medical ‘facts’ – does havinggood general health and fitness levels make a dramatic difference to asthma? My boyfriend never exercises and his diet, though improved recently, is byno means healthy, (high in saturated fat and [...]

American Diabetes Association Home Pagehttp://www.diabetes.org/ American Diabetes Association Home Page Search. Skip to Navigation.Informationyou can trust from the diabetes experts… Your AmericanDiabetes Association. …http://www.diabetes.com/www.Diabetes.com is currently being updated. For detailed information aboutdiabetes please visit: www.1on1health.com For information …Diabeteshttp://diabetes.diabetesjournals.org/ The American Diabetes Association supports the Washington, DC Principles for Free Access to Science. Cover, … Welcome [...]

Few areas of health generate more controversy than nutritional supplements.More than half of all Americans take them-and at least 25 percent take themdaily. That means millions of people are spending billions of dollars in thebelief that supplements will improve their health. Are they getting their money’sworth? DON’T ASSUME THAT BECAUSE A PRODUCT IS “ALL NATURAL” [...]

Vitamin Health Advice

April 25, 2007 | 1 Comment

Vitamins are an important part of a health diet. Unlike carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, vitamins do not directly provide building blocks or energy for your body; vitamins function as assistants to your body in creating and breakdown down building blocks and storing and releasing energy. Vitamins come in two basic types: water-soluble and fat-soluble (see [...]

Well, maybe it’s the current trends and I’m too old to catch on, butthe issue I just received of MAN Magazine contains (3) ARF and (1) park flierreview(s). I guess after nearly 8 years of subscribing I’ll not be renewing mysubscription next year. That’s not the kind of stuff that holds myinterest.I hope someone else [...]

Are herbal health products and supplements safe because they’renatural? What do you mean by “safe?” The other day, water killed a radiocontestant when she diluted her potassium levels to the point she hadheart failure. Does that mean water is dangerous? If you were on topof a really high mountain, you might die for lack of [...]

It’s a thought I’ve always had but never actually said it outloud until the past few months. Isn’t it a shame that we canall pretty much get medical coverage to fill prescriptiondrugs that we need, but not to fill vitamins or even herbs thatwe need. Health Insurance companies will pay for us to fillour bodies [...]

….but only if youre a woman. the following is a straight-up abstract from a psychological paper on AA.skip over the jargon, and it’s quite entertaining. Unicorn TI: The efficacy of the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous in the treatmentof alcoholism. AU: Lindeman,-Roberta-S. IN: Churchill County School District,Fallon, NV, US JN: Journal-of-Psychoactive-Drugs; 1993 Oct-Dec Vol 25(4)337-340 [...]

I want to discuss the efficacy of herbs in giving/maintaining good health. Iwant to share something that is only my empirical research, carried out uponmyself for the past 25 years. I eat a little bit of fresh culinary herbs every day. Thyme, mint, rosemary (myfavorite!), Italian parsley, oregano, sweet marjoram, whatever suits the dish orsalad [...]

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