When working out or taking part in rigorous exercise in order to gain muscle you will need to consume Protein in order to achieve the most from your work out. Protein is a very important element in health and fitness and if you are looking to gain muscle and burn some serious fat then Protein [...]

Nutrition is an extremely important part of any exercise plan or diet. You need to be sure than you are getting the right nutrients from the right foods. Food is fuel for the body and without it your body will starve and eventually die. You need to make sure that you are intelligent in nutrition [...]

Walking is the best form of exercise – it works a large range of muscle groups in your body and is easy and fun to do. Walking is the simplest form of exercise and is really good for you. It helps improve a number of things as well as weight loss and muscle gain. Walking [...]

Diet and Exercise have a lot to do with stress – if you have a poor diet and don’t get any exercise then your body will almost shut down and you will feel low and have less energy. Exercise is a great way to ensure that your body is fit and healthy, but diet has [...]

Diet and exercise is an important part of everyone’s life – especially so when you are older. Things may not be as easy as they used to be but there are ways to maintain a strong, flexible and healthy body when you’re older. Yoga – this form of exercise is very good for you – [...]

If you are looking to lose weight or to ensure you maintain a healthy weight then you will need to set yourself some goals. Goal setting is the first step to any regime whether it’s to maintain something or to achieve something. Setting Goals for Weight Loss If you are looking to lose weight you [...]

Depending on your goals and what you are looking to achieve – exercise and diet can be daunting. If you are new to the whole thing then you will make mistakes – everyone does. The important this is to remember that and to carry on – if you do eat a donut and really wish [...]

For men who are overweight and obese, flabby arms and big bellies are the usual problems. However, there are also quite a number of oversized men who suffer from gynecomastia, more commonly known as man boobs. This problem is causing a lot of embarrassment and traumatic experience for men who are in their early adolescence [...]

Amazon.com Widgets 1) Cut down on mobile phone calls. Research carried out at a university in America in 2006 discovered a link between mobile phone usage and low sperm count in men. The more the men used mobile phones the less active their sperm became. 2) Keep your testicles and body temperature down. Heat has [...]

Male Breast Cancer

September 12, 2008 | Leave a Comment

Male breast cancer is rarely found, not even 1% of the total breast cancer cases are of men. Nevertheless, the occurring rate male breast cancer is less compared to women yet the disease have a lot in common for both. The most occurring breast cancers or the major types of breast cancer are the same [...]

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