Widgets Viagra works great for me but sex on a daily basis drains me too much. How can I get my sperm level to come back faster? How To Increase Sperm Production? It’s not your sperm you should be worried about. Sperm are little buggy things that swim around in your testicles and hang [...] Widgets Is there a medication out there that can increase sperm production in ageing males? If so what is the name of this medicine? Are there any side effects that could be harmfull? * Eat foods rich in zinc. Low zinc levels in men affect sperm motility, sperm quality and sperm counts. Foods rich [...]

Has anyone heard about a way to increase sperm count, quality, etc? I thought that I heard that vitamins had helped some of you here in this ng. My RE said that there are no drugs to help increase/improve sperm, yet I’ve heard conflicting stories from other clinics, so what gives? Anyone used drugs and [...] Widgets I’ve heard from multiple people that smoking weed increases your sperm count. Is this true? Smoking supposedly lowers your sperm count whether it be Mari or normal cigs. I spoke normal cigs, around 20 a day but upon trying for my first child with my wife we conceived quite quickly so it didnt [...]

Anyone familiar with this product? Do I have to worry about taking this vitamin and mineral supplement while on the diet? I use the woman’s “edition” of this vitamin only because my husband picked it out for me from the beginning. When I first started, I didn’t take any supplements but found that without them [...]

Has anyone had any experience of using the Sears Life Flex Gym system? If so, how does it compare to alternatives such as the Bowflex in terms of quality and range of exercises? Is it possible to get results comparable to those obtainable from going to a health club? Oh quite far in advance of [...]