Widgets The best fitness tips for men lead them to have fabulous, well-toned, muscular bodies, that make men want to be them and women want to be with them. The following are the best tips to give man fitness and an enviable physique. They’ll also help you stay healthy for a long time. Each [...]

Iron Man Elliptical Machines are designed with the consumer in mind. Most of the time, you will select a product that is within your price range and wish to get the best out of it. But, you should also know that with an Iron Man machine, you get more than just a simplistic design and [...]

Here are the top five fabulous fitness gifts for your man Widgets 1. The online personal fitness workout Purchase an online personal fitness program from one of the many online sites that provide this service. Your gift will include a personal trainer available online and via email to provide encouragement and fitness tips. 2. [...] Widgets Your basic training plan should focus on two areas: Endurance A 10k run over rough ground at 8min. mile pace is very do-able. Its just that this is at the end of all the ‘fun’ you’ll have had over 2 days. I’d start your training off by going for a run every morning. [...] Widgets Belly fat usually comes with middle age and is caused by insulin insensitivity. Google “Metabolic Syndrome” or “Syndrome X.” This is caused by eating things that spike your blood sugar. Stop eating these things and watch your belly fat start to diminish. Google “Glycemic Index” or “Glycemic Load” to find out more about [...]

Fats are nothing more than stored acid. If you continue to take acidic food, even with exercise you cannot get rid of fats. Therefore you must solve the weight problem at the source : eating acidic food. By taking alkaline food, you prevent the intake of acid to create more fats. Besides doing exercise, you [...]