Why is Collagen So Important To Your Health and Dieting

Collagen is the universal structural protein
found in all animals. Clinical analysis suggests that it
accounts for roughly a third of the total
body protein and is its major structural constituent. It
is located in the connective tissue, providing
strength and conferring form, while promoting
mobility. It is invariably found in the extracellular matrices of
skeletal tissues such as cartilage and bone. Collagen
is principally extracted from the bones and skin of
animals. It is a protein which contains a high
proportion of Hydroxyproline, Hydroxylysine, Arginine
and L-Glycine. These amino acids are the principal
substances for the synthesis of collagen and
proteoglycans in cartilage tissue(GDC-1986).

The use of collagen for the treatment of a range of
disorders has been well documented and dates back to
the twelfth century when Saint Hildegard of Bingen

“He who has stabbing pains in his limbs and bones, as
well as stomach and intestinal pain, should
frequently eat plenty of well cooked beef trotters
including fat and calluses. That soon gets rid of the
pain. ” (Bauer 1992).

Enzymatic hydrolysis breaks the protein down enabling
absorption via the small intestine. Thereby making
the new agent, COLLAGEN HYDROLYSATE (purified
Polypeptides of differing chain lengths, that are
isolated from animal derived collagen by chemical,
physical or biochemical hydrolysis) more effective in
the treatment of arthroses.

Interesting to see all the hype and hatred on Calorad. I had never heard of
this product so I did a web search. What I found (outside of the sales pages)
was that several pharmaceutical co’s are going for FDA approval on collagen
products, similar to Calorad. Not for losing weight, but for RA and other
immune diseases and one company is dedicated to dental uses.

I also found out Calorad was invented at Abbott labs. I’ve since talked to
several people about their experiences – none of whom sell it. One man swears
he would have lost his teeth had it not been for this product which he’s taken
for several years. One woman told me it caused heart palpitations and she
thought she was going to die. Another said it made her body ache. Another
woman swears it made her skin have less wrinkles and helped her lose weight.
Another woman feels she has increased energy.

An unscientific sampling – but interesting. I do suggest if you are interested,
do a web search. I used key word collagen on Infoseek, (I’m pretty sure) and
found my information there.