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Elephant Man’s Disease

Would someone post for me the medical name for elephant man’s disease and
tell me if there is and where to find a FAQ regarding this malady?

The Elephant man had the so-called Proteus syndrome,and not von
Recklinghausen’s neurofibromatosis as it was long thought! For details, see
the articles by Tibbles JAR and Cohen MM in the British Journal of Medicine
1986:293:683-685 and by Cohen MM in the American Journal of Medical
Genetics 1988:29:777-782.I don’t knoe if there is a FAQ regarding this

What disease does Celine have? I’m guessing maybe she has elephant man’s
disease or bulimia? Anyone know what diseases Celine Dion has?

Are u just shooting out any disease that may make you sound inteligent.
Elephant Man’s disease, first only happen man, and it causes for the abdomen to
be stretched. So far with all your saying as her being thin, she definiately
does not have a disease…either you are trying to sound inteligent for your
pathetic age and state, or you or just plain out stupid.

Peter Bowditch’s Witch Hunt

The witch-hunt is now truly swinging into top gear to denigrate high profile
leaders in Complementary Medicine. Many of our Members are aware that Prof
John Dwyer (a member of the Sceptics Assoc) complained to ACCC regarding
Australian Biological Testing Services (Jennie’s Company) procedure.


Jennie has had to sell her house to fight this case that will be held in the
Federal Court. How can this happen to a person who is so highly regarded by
the leaders in Complementary Medicine in so many overseas countries, including
Europe, China, America and Canada? Jennie has been an invited Guest Speaker of
so many World Health Congresses over the years, & is a houseguest of the
Presidents of the Oncology Society of Germany and Austria when attending World
Congresses in Europe.

No doubt it is a backhanded complement that orthodox medicine, backed by the
drug companies, feel threatened by the revealing results produced by Australian
Biologic’s Testing Services. All who have met and benefited from her expertise
will be appalled at this outrageous charge and will want to financially assist
with a small (or large) donation. We would be lost if the Australian
Biological Testing Service were denied to us. Let us show Jennie our
support. Nexus Magazine is also having a Fighting Fund for Jennie.…


(This ad donated by NOW! Magazine)


Australian Health Freedom Movement Gears Up For War……

Behind the attack on Alternative Medicine, the Natural Health Movement

Behind the Attack on
Alternative Medicine and the Natural Health Movement

Study shows that religion screws your sexual health big time.

“Marriage is good for your sex life, but both it and religion could
harm your sexual health.

The first ever global survey of sexual behaviour, studying more than a
million men and women from 59 countries, has found that while married
people have the most sex, marriage is not a safeguard for sexual
health. “Married women typically find it harder than single women to
negotiate safer sex and condom use, leaving them more vulnerable to
infections and unplanned pregnancies,” says Kay Wellings at the London
School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, who led the research.

Perhaps surprisingly, countries where people have the most sexual
partners – the developed world – also have the lowest incidence of
sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancies. The reason
could be that condom use is far more common in these countries,
Wellings says.

Religion is a real problem in reproductive health, says Joy Phumaphi,
assistant director general of the World Health Organization. People
who follow religions that frown on contraception still have more
children than they can support, and the lack of safe abortion centres
harms thousands of women, she says. Only part of the blame lies with
Catholicism and other major religions, Phumaphi says. “The biggest
problem is many independent churches have huge influence and very
extremist views.”

The survey is part of a batch of sex and reproductive health papers
published this week in The Lancet.
From issue 2576 of New Scientist magazine, 04 November 2006, page 7

The subject line does not match the article. The subject line would only be
true depending on your definition of sexual health. It says that the lack of
safe abortion centers harms thousands of wonmen, but it is not clear what
role religion has in the actual harm, or what the harm exactly is, although
one would assume it means that women try to get unsafe abortions. But since
religions discourage abortion, how can they be blamed for unsafe abortions
in general?
Also it doesn’t actually say that having lots of babies harms sexual health.
It says religions have extremist views but doesn’t make clear how exrtremist
views harm sexual health, and doesn’t define exactly what sexual health is.

Exercising with Health Issues- man health issue

Exercising with Health Issues
By Jennifer
Medical professionals encourage those with chronic health issues to find appropriate physical activity that can be done at least three times weekly. For some people, though, this can be not only challenging but overwhelming.
Savvy Fitness – Diet & Exercise –

Barrel Man to retire (NRC)
By Raidinator
McKernan had serious health issues in 2003, when an abdominal aneurysm ruptured. “I still don’t have any stamina,” he said. Doctors have since restricted him to wearing his barrel for one half of games at Invesco Field, and then only
SevenCyberseas –

Lazy Brits with Heart Disease Costing Taxpayers Money – Heart Disease

Lazy Brits with Heart Disease Costing Taxpayers Money
By Hsien-Hsien Lei, PhD
Racor Two-Bike Floor Bike Stand #PBS-2RPhysical inactivity costs the UK National Health Service (NHS) over 2 million dollars a year with more than half of that related to coronary heart disease. Steve Shaffelburg, of the British Heart
A Hearty Life –

Web-Based Programs Could Be Wave Of Health Care Future – Health Subscription

Web-Based Programs Could Be Wave Of Health Care Future

WCAV – Charlottesville,VA,USA
They can pay their subscription. It would [be] incredibly cheaper than going to a hospital or seeing a therapist,” cited the doctor.
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eDiets Branded Services Extends Reach Into Corporate Licensing
SYS-CON Media – Montvale,NJ,USA
These new tools strengthen the ability of eDiets Corporate Services to create interactive, client or co- branded health and diet programs for large
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Gozi Trojan leads to Russian data hoard
Computerworld – Framingham,MA,USA
All of the information was sent by Gozi to a server in St. Petersburg from where it was then sold on a subscription basis to an unknown number of
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Mental health services to be offered at hospital- Psychiatric Health

Mental health services to be offered at hospital
Shakopee Valley News – Shakopee,MN,USA
St. Francis Behavioral Health Services will provide outpatient psychiatric services for patients 18 years and older. Services will include assessment and
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Roche says no Tamiflu link to psychiatric symptoms – UK
“The Japanese Ministry for Health and Welfare stated that they see no causal relationship between these cases and Tamiflu,” Roche said.
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Compensation for abused psychiatric patient
Legal & Medical Magazine – Harrogate,North Yorkshire,UK
The woman was admitted to the unit under Section 2 of the Mental Health Act 1983, pending further analysis of her mental state.
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March 20th, 2007 by johnib – Nepal
Escalating psychiatric caseloads are compounded by Iraq’s lack of mental health workers, facilities and services. Several mental health care professionals
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2007 Nurses Day at the Statehouse: Largest Group of Health
PR Newswire (press release) – New York,NY,USA
Sponsoring nursing organizations include the ONA, the American Psychiatric Nurses Association-Ohio Chapter, Columbus Chapter of the Oncology Nursing Society
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A freelancer’s perspective on health insurance – Health Insurance

A freelancer’s perspective on health insurance

By Zach Everson
Many labor experts and economists believe that workers in the United States stay in jobs they don’t like because health insurance here is tied to their employers. While I broke out of that shackle, I understand why so many people
Zach Everson –

Age and stress associated with pregnancy loss – Man Health Vitamin

Google News Alert for: Man Health Vitamin

Age and stress associated with pregnancy loss
ABC News – USA
Factors associated with a reduced risk were previously delivering a child; delivering a live infant; being nauseous during pregnancy; taking vitamin
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The Interview An MD who lives off the fat of the land
National Review of Medicine – Montreal,Quebec,Canada
Diet drill sergeant Dr Stanley Bernstein’s ultra low-cal ‘boot camp’ regimen — based on ketosis and boosted by vitamin B shots — has given him a high-cal
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Book Review – ACSM’s Health/Fitness Facility Standards and Guidelines – Health and Fitness

Book Review – ACSM’s Health/Fitness Facility Standards and Guidelines

By Donna Hutchinson(Donna Hutchinson)
This book is so amazing because it contains everything you need to know about the proper standards and guidelines to follow in order to design and operate a health and fitness facility. It is a fantastic resource for club managers,
On The Edge Fitness Educators –