Physicians Health Study

Is anyone familiar with how to find out information about
research done within the Physicians Health Study??

Specifically, I am interested in any regression analysis done
with regard to DHEA and Prostate disease.

What was the DHEA level of an individual who currently has
prostate cancer or BPH 5 – 10 – 15 years ago, as compared to
an individual of the same age who currently has no prostate

Does anyone know an E-mail address of someone within the
Physicians Health Study group to whom I can communicate the
above question?

Any response or comments would be appreciated.

Hello! I am currently chief resident of the pathology and laboratory
medicine program here at UTMB. Before I came to the US, I was an ob-gyne
resident at the University of the Philippines-Philippine General Hospital
in Manila. This is 1,200 bed hospital and many of our consultants are
trained in the US, UK, Australia and Japan. There are about 25 medical
schools in the Phil. which accounts for the great number of medical
graduates each year. Like everywhere else, the problem of distribution
of these health care providers also exists. I hope I have shed some light
on your inquiry. Thank you for your interest.

Cynthia B. Eleccion,M.D. University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston

There’s also Dr. Herman Hedriana who’s an asst. prof at UCDavis. He is
also a OB-Gyn practicioner. He might have responded to this post already
though … I haven’t checked scf for months!