Trying to Improve Someone’s Diet Health

Trying to Improve Someone’s Diet Health

I’m faced with a very difficult problem: Someone I know well has recently
experienced serious health problems. (She was recently hospitalized and
frequently claims to be “ill,” even after her hospitalization.) I’m vegan,
she is not. I can see her problem from a distance, and it’s apparent that
she can’t. The problem is that she is an avid meat eater. She eats meat at
most meals, and usually in good-sized portions. When I’ve asked her why, she
simply states that she “likes” meat, so that’s what she eats. When I’ve
attempted to explain to her that I think her health problems stem from her
heavy meat eating, she scoffs at my statements and tells me to mind my own
business. She apparently simply doesn’t believe the truth of what I’m
telling her. I care for this person very much. How can I help her? Any
suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

You can’t. At least not in the way you’re thinking. As you’ve stated, she
refuses to believe the truth of what you’re saying. Forcing information or
opinions on her is only going to push her away. Even if you’re 100% sure
you’re right, you’ve got to let her live her life, make her own mistakes and
learn her own lessons. Even if that means she continues to put her own health
at risk.

But do be supportive of any positive changes she does make, encourage her
progress and make sure she knows that she’ll be your friend no matter what.

Well… to be honest, it isn’t really that obvious to me, because you
haven’t mentioned what her health problems have been. But you really
can’t change her diet for her, in any case. Why not invite her over for
more vegan meals you can share, and offer to go with her for a brisk
walk or something to get her blood moving?

I’m vego not because I dislike meat but for health reasons. I LOVE the taste
of meat and would dearly love to chomp on a bone or eat a steak etc. But
after considering the pros and cons [and one of the pros was morning
sickness!] I finally dropped the meat and haven’t gone back to it. I eat
healthier without it.

If she doesn’t want to change, she won’t no matter what information you put
in front of her. Your best bet is to support any baby steps she makes
towards eating less meat, and to make really scrumptious food when you now
she will be around LOL.

Any idea what the health problems are?
It is very difficult to say that meat in itself is a problem as many people
out there eat meat and are very healthy indeed. However in the context of an
overall diet she may find that lessening her meat intake may be an easier
and healthier option than say, eating less chocolate.

I’m amazed at how much meat is in the typical everyday diet and appalled by
it. Most people eat meat at more than one sitting which to me is ridiculous.
And the proportion of foods that have some form of meat in them is growing
as we eat more processed foods