Breast-Feeding Cuts Risk of Respiratory Disease

It’s more good news, but why don’t they ever seem to do studies on
babies that are breast-fed for longer than a few months? By a
scientific standard, Dr. Bachrach’s last comment is speculation.

Dr. Bachrach said that 6% of all US infants younger than 1 year of age
are hospitalized annually for lower respiratory tract disease, which
elevates their risk for later illnesses, such as asthma, and creates a
costly healthcare burden.

Six percent of infants are hospitalized in their first year? I would have
thought that was high even for all causes (leaving out babies who stay in the
hospital longer at first due to prematurity, etc.), let alone for lower
respiratory tract disease. That’s a *lot* of babies.

Perhaps she is including those who stay in the
hospital because they are born early (if they have a lower respiratory
tract disease, of course)? that wouldn’ be fair though, since they
were “hospitalized” before they could have had a drop of breast milk.