Infectious Disease Admissions to Hospitals

Infectious Disease Admissions to Hospitals
Anyone know the numbers/percentages re. the rate of admission (not
incl. ER) of ‘infectious disease patients’ to U.S. hospitals compared
with numbers/percentages of ‘infectious disease patients’ who visit
private U.S. medical facilities (physicians’ offices and clinics)?

what do you mean by “infectious disease patients” ?
what do you mean by “rate of admission” ?

most patients who visit doctors in offices and clinics will eventually be
admitted to the hospital… and many patients discharged from the hospital
following treatment for an infectious disease will follow-up with an
infectious disease specialist at least once… the incidence of pneumonia,
AIDS, and many other infectious diseases is readily available from the
centers for disease control ( and other sources..

Please excuse the vagueness of the original question and allow me to
be a bit more explicit.

According to reports by the media that were originally printed in late
1999, the CDC ‘stated’ that 80% (or 80,000) of the annual 100,000
nosocomial deaths can be assigned “infectious disease(s)”.

This 80,000 represents 4% of the 2 million hospital patients who the
CDC reports contract an infectious disease while a pt in a hospital.
(Others estimate this number to be much higher.)

There are about 33.5 million hospital pts per year.

There are about 880 million visits to private physicians each year, of
which 110 million are gyn exams.

Even though private physicians and clinics are not regulated (as
hospitals.. to some degree), does anyone know of a study that
attempted to measure the percenage of pts who contract infectious
diseases during visits to the offices of private physicians/clinics?

Also, any thoughts as to why the percentage would/should be higher or
lower than the hospital numbers…

…keeping in mind there is no oversight (JACO, etc.) and little to no
internal “infection control units”, as with hospitals.