Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease by Keeping Physical Fitness

By maintaining your physical fitness can be very effective in
prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. Usually Mental exercises are uses
to prevent Alzheimer’s.

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I’m no expert in the relationship between AD and exercise and
I know that no one really is. But I personally find the relationship
quite credible.

We know that exercise is vital for health in many ways – including
the health of the cardio-vascular system, which is apparently
relevant to Alzheimer’s Disease.

To say that there is a relationship does not mean that people who
exercise won’t get the disease. Many people who exercise get
heart attacks too. All it says is that _on average_ people who
exercise will not get the disease as early as those who do not.

Don’t be fooled by individual cases. We all know people who
smoke, drink, sit on the sofa, and watch TV while munching
potato chips – and who live to be 90 years old. That doesn’t mean
that smoking, drinking (to excess), leading a sedentary life,
and eating salt and fat won’t hurt you.

There are going to be folks who never lift a finger who live to
old age with all their wits intact, and exercise fanatics who
get AD while still relatively young. But I think it still makes
sense to include both physical and mental exercise in an
attempt to prevent, or at least forestall, the disease.

This does NOT mean that if you get AD it’s your fault. I
suspect (but couldn’t prove one way or another) that the
disease process is more related your genetic and biochemical
chararacteristics than anything else. But keeping in shape
can’t hurt and might well help.