Setting and Reaching Fitness Goals

If you are looking to lose weight or to ensure you maintain a healthy weight then you will need to set yourself some goals. Goal setting is the first step to any regime whether it’s to maintain something or to achieve something.

Setting Goals for Weight Loss
If you are looking to lose weight you will need to set yourself some goals in order to start your journey to success. Setting goals isn’t as simple as you’d think. You may decide you want to lose 4 stone by Christmas but this is an unrealistic goal for some people and if you fail then you will lose self esteem and never get back on track.
The way to set goals for weight loss is to set mini goals as well as your target goal. Say you do want to lose 4 stone. Work out a healthy timescale – most people say that 2lbs per week is a healthy weight loss rate. So work out how much you need to lose and work that out against how many pounds per week you want to lose and you’ll have your target date set.

You will then want to set out mini goals such as daily tasks, i.e. drink more water, sleep 8 hours, listen to a get up and go song everyday – these small tasks will help you stay on track and are ideal for someone who is afraid of failing.

You can then set the more important goals such as a half way marker and of course you should treat yourself when you reach these goals – don’t get too excited though and eat your way through a box of chocolates in celebration because you will have lost your streak then and getting back on track will be harder. The best type of celebration is to have a shopping spree and buy some great new clothes for your new body! You can even buy a target dress, or pair of jeans – this makes reaching your goals so much more easy because you can hang your target clothes in your room to remind you everyday and if you see it you’ll do it.

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