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Sex on a daily basis drains me

Viagra works great for me but sex on a daily basis drains me too much. How can I get my sperm level to come back faster? How To Increase Sperm Production?

It’s not your sperm you should be worried about. Sperm are little buggy things that swim around in your testicles and hang out all day (or something like that, I’m not a scientist ok? :), they don’t give you energy. It’s your testosterone level, which flows from your testicles to every part of your body, including your brain, that help give you energy, libido and clarity of thought.

If you’re testosterone level is low, it may explain why you are having errection problems in the first place, and it certainly would explain the low energy that you experience after sex.

Pre-hormone therapy, I felt tired and foggy for a full day after every time after I ejaculated. Now, I just feel good and have plenty of energy. Your best bet is to get your doctor to test your testosterone level. Then, if you want, you can post your results in this post and get some direction from the people that come to it.

What medication can increase sperm production?

Is there a medication out there that can increase sperm production in ageing males?

If so what is the name of this medicine? Are there any side effects that could be harmfull?

* Eat foods rich in zinc.

Low zinc levels in men affect sperm motility, sperm quality and sperm counts. Foods rich in zinc include seafood (particularly oysters!), liver, lean cuts of red meat, nuts and grains.

* Take a vitamin E supplement.

Vitamin E protects against free radicals, unstable molecules which damage sperm cells and cause them to become immotile.

* Eat foods rich in selenium.

Selenium scavenges free radicals and is used by the testes to make selenoproteins, a vital protein required in sperm formation.

Well formed sperm are more likely to be motile than sperm with poor morphology.

Foods rich in selenium include eggs, brewer’s yeast, brazil nuts, garlic and seafood.

* Eat foods rich in L-carnitine.

L-carnitine is an amino acid used in the production of sperm, and scientific studies have shown that men increasing their intake of the amino acid improved sperm motility and sperm quality over a period of 4 months. L-carnitine-rich foods include lean cuts of meat and dairy products.

* Take herbs such as maca root and ginger.

Both are non-toxic herbs which have been used by other cultures, for example in

Traditional Chinese Medicine and South American Medicine, to improve male fertility.

They are particularly beneficial for improving sperm motility and are ingredients in FertilPlus.

Low sperm motility does not mean the end of male fertility.

With a bit of time, dietary changes and herbal remedies, it is possible to improve your sperm motility, and produce motile sperm in just 3 months.

My DH’s counts went up considerably by increasing the amount of Vitamin C he consumed–he preferred eating fresh oranges and juice instead of swallowing pills. However, his sperm count was not an issue with us, I only know it went up because we always get a copy of all our records, and we were able to compare to previous cycles. The vit. C was the only change he made to his diet.

Increase sperm count/quality?

Has anyone heard about a way to increase sperm count, quality, etc? I thought that I heard that vitamins had helped some of you here in this ng. My RE said that there are no drugs to help increase/improve sperm, yet I’ve heard conflicting stories from other clinics, so what gives? Anyone used drugs and had an improvement? Vitamins? Anything else?

Prostatitis or BPH can reduce the sperm count and mobility. The ducts from the testicles pass through the prostate. If the prostate is infected the duct can be compressed by the swollen prostate thus reducing the number of sperm available. Also the prostatic secretion becomes very thick and changes pH which can lower the mobility. The infection can also get to the Seminal Vesicles which provide 4/6 of the seminal fluid. The ducts transporting the sperm are also not immune to theinfection..

Treatment of prostatitis is difficult. Antibiotics alone have about a 30% cure rate. A technique called prostate drainage seems to increase the cure rate.

Here is the long list of vitamins and herbs my hubby takes.  These (or the varicocelectomy) has helped his motility and morphology at least.  (Up from 30% each to 60% motility and 97% morphology.)

The vitamins and herbs he takes are:  multi (without iron but with zinc), 1mg C, 1000 mg l-arginine, 200 IU E, Bee Pollen and Siberian Ginseng in 500 mg pills, 100 mcg selenium, high potency B-complex, and 250 mg l-carnitine.

His multi vitamins have: 10000 IU beta carotene, 400 IU D, 150 mg C, 100 IU E, 25 mg B1, 25 mg B2, 25 mg B6, 100 mcg B12, 100 mcg niacinamide, 50 mg pantothenic acid, 300 mcg biotin, 400 mcg folic acid, 25 mg PABA, 25 mg choline bitartate, 25 mg inositol, 25 mg calcium, 7.2 mg magnesium, 5 mg potassium, and 15 mg zinc.

Other than that I’m sure you have already gotten the usual advice that he should avoid hot baths and wear loose fitting underwear and pants. Zinc and copper supplements, vitamin E, Saw Palmetto extract might be worth trying.

Does marijuana increase sperm count?

I’ve heard from multiple people that smoking weed increases your sperm count. Is this true?

Smoking supposedly lowers your sperm count whether it be Mari or normal cigs.

I spoke normal cigs, around 20 a day but upon trying for my first child with my wife we conceived quite quickly so it didnt seem to affect us.

On the other hand bad diets and a whole host of ‘bad living’ habits can also lower the count.

Long-term marijuana use actually decreases your sperm count by quite a bit. That is a fact; look on any marijuana fact sheet. Why do you think people are less prone to violence when they are high? It all has to do with testeserone production.

GNC Mega Man Multi vitamin

Anyone familiar with this product? Do I have to worry about taking this vitamin and mineral supplement while on the diet?

I use the woman’s “edition” of this vitamin only because my husband picked it out for me from the beginning. When I first started, I didn’t take any supplements but found that without them I felt very weak. Not everyone may experience that but Dr Atkins recommends a vitamin supplement for the diet so I attribute that weak feeling to skipping the supplements.

No reason at all. I just don’t know that much about the subject. I did call the 800 number on the bottle and talk to a customer service rep. I told him I can have no carb and no sugar. He said absolutely no problem.

Life-Flex Gym system

Has anyone had any experience of using the Sears Life Flex Gym system? If
so, how does it compare to alternatives such as the Bowflex in terms of
quality and range of exercises? Is it possible to get results comparable to
those obtainable from going to a health club?

Oh quite far in advance of that! You’ll be lucky to still fit in your
house. I mean the bowflex will get you hyooge but this little miracle will
make you simply gargantuan by simply sitting on it. Its just unholy what
these new machines can do. Where is a priest when you need one? The devil
lives in this mini-miracle! No other method even holds a candle to this.

I was under the impression that the muscular spirit dwelling within its
bowells was defeated by Ahhnold in “end of days” but no, now its back and
walking the earth at Sears ™! The horror, the horror —from the heart
of HYOOOJ-Ness I cry. For if you use this even if for a day, those to who
the muscle clings too fiercely today will seem puny and be humiliated
before the public mind and eyes on the morrow.

You will get out of the Bowflex what you put into it. Very similar to
freeweights(or anything else) in this regard. The Bowflex happens to
hit all the major muscle groups where other machines may not. Do your
homework and make your best choice. This forum will preach freeweights
to you as you will can witness in the responses to your question.

As a general rule if you want to get “fit” the Bowflex is not a good
choice. It’s very similar to nautilus if not the same thing. If you
want to get hyuuuuge then go for freeweights.

O’ let us worship at the “flexular altar” for one day with enough pulling,
tweaking, yanking and bending you shall be like unto the those who dwell
in the magical infomercial kingdom and the goddess “sqwhatt” shall be laid
low on the chalk dusted iron strewn platform floor of perdition!! Verily I
say unto thee, have mercy or we who are strong today shall wail and throw
ashes upon our accursed heads tommorrow for not following the rubber star
of deliverance.