Sugar is the culprit?

Diabetes was called sugar diabetes in the past.  I have articles where sugar was the culprit in diabetes.   They would publish data showing the correlation between sugar consumption and diabetes.

The fact that was ignored is a person that is developing diabetes may develop severe desire for sugars.  I have seen this happen to several people. They are starving in a sea of glucose.  No insulin. People say —SEE  They consumed a lot sugar and it gave them diabetes.

We finally seem to be getting over that but we still are trying to blame diet for diabetes.  The problem I sense is it is limiting  our effort at finding the real causes.

About the same as stomach ulcers.  The routines there was to give a very “exact”reasons for the cause of that problem.  All of them proved to be wrong.

The aversion of carbs is the speed of their action. It seems to be easier to control blood sugars with use of protein and fat.  I worry that the short time benefits may be a long term problem

I see it this way.  Diabetics have a damaged blood sugar control system.  They must limit the load on that system.  The only way to do that is to limit food input. The type of food is secondary except we need a balance to get the needs of our body.

But weight loss is a plus in most people.

Sugar free  may not mean calorie free.  Another sales gimmick

Only my opinion.  The issue is very complex and all diabetics are not the same.