Fantastic Deal! Ionic Zinc Liquid – Zinc Sulfate 45mg – 2oz – Concentrated Liquid Drops – Organic – Non-GMO – Premium Quality – Glass Bottle w/Dropper – Daily Immune Support

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Features and Specifications:

  • CLEAN AND SIMPLE INGREDIENTS – Our zinc consists of USP food grade zinc sulfate, USP food grade organic vegetable glycerin and purified water. Let’s face it, zinc is not supposed to taste good, so we offset its taste with organic glycerin. The organic vegetable glycerin we use is derived from palms and has a naturally sweet taste. That’s it… we do not include any unnecessary flavors or artificial ingredients.
  • 15 MG OF PURE, POTENT, AND EFFECTIVE ELEMENTAL ZINC – Each serving is 45 mg of zinc sulfate that contains a complete 15 mg of elemental zinc. If you are looking for increased immune support, make certain you are taking the proper amount of zinc because the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) is based on elemental zinc. Brand x may try to pass off 15 mg of zinc sulfate as a proper RDA serving when in fact it contains only 5 mg of elemental zinc. Elemental zinc is the actual amount of pure zinc.
  • INCREASED DAILY IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT – Zinc is essential in maintaining a strong and healthy immune system because today’s environmental toxins and high stress living deplete the body’s zinc stores. When zinc is taken daily, it’s known to help boost the immune system and can make one less susceptible to many illnesses. Zinc also supports the endocrine system including the pineal gland, hormone balance, mood level, and metabolic processes.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY – Our zinc comes packaged in a glass bottle with a glass dropper. Colored glass bottles are vital to protect zinc from direct light, prevent the leaching of plastic contaminates, and to ensure top quality. Our zinc is concentrated to a potent 45 mg of zinc sulfate (containing 15 mg of elemental zinc) and daily dosing is super easy and convenient with the provided dropper top.
  • NATURAL, ORGANIC, NON-GMO AND VEGAN FRIENDLY – Add our ionic zinc liquid supplement to your existing healthy lifestyle to empower your body’s natural defenses. In addition to proper nutrition and adequate sleep, ionic zinc can help give your body the additional boost it needs. Our easy and convenient zinc liquid drops make it easy to adjust serving sizes for adults and children.
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Here are some REAL customer reviews:

“High Quality and Tastes Great”

This is the best and easiest Zinc I have used to date. I am so happy with this purchase and I will be staying with this brand. It tastes surprisingly good. Other brands I have tried leave a strong zinc after taste. I did not experience that with

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“Great addition to my morning supplement routine!”

This is my first time taking ionic zinc and I was pleasantly surprised! I did as the directions said and held it under my tongue for 1 minute, surprised that the taste wan’t bad, It actually felt good in my mouth and I’m looking forward to all t

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“Great taste”

Been looking for zinc for a while due to low minerals, finally found this. I’ve taken this zinc for a week now and I really like it, tastes like a flavored water. No side effects, not a bad taste. Highly recommend.

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Get Ionic Zinc Liquid – Zinc Sulfate 45mg – 2oz – Concentrated Liquid Drops – Organic – Non-GMO – Premium Quality – Glass Bottle w/Dropper – Daily Immune Support at the best price available today.

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