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Top Five Fitness Gifts for Man

Here are the top five fabulous fitness gifts for your man

1. The online personal fitness workout

Purchase an online personal fitness program from one of the many online sites that provide this service. Your gift will include a personal trainer available online and via email to provide encouragement and fitness tips.

2. The personal tennis trainer

A cordless tennis ball machine is the perfect tennis partner. Available at any time of the day or night, the tennis ball machine never tires and doesn’t care if it wins or loses. This is the perfect tennis trainer and a great way to keep fit.

3. The stick

This is an amazing piece of equipment. Literally a long stick-like tool made out of plastic, the stick is designed to stretch your muscles to improve strength and flexibility. It helps prevent muscle stiffness and muscle injury.

4. The power strap ball

These are fabulous medicine balls that provide the perfect workout for strength. You simply strap the rubber ball to your arms or legs to perform various prevention exercises.

5. The fitness gift basket

Create your own gift basket with a fitness theme. Include the things you know your man is in need of, such as massage creams, power snacks, jump rope, medicine balls, Pilates ball, calorie counter, books of diet recipes, mini eights, fitness coupons, and music CDs perfect for those lonely workouts.