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Obesity And Male Infertility, Two Modern Societies Problems

It is well known that obesity is a widespread problem in advanced and modern societies. Another growing problem associated to obesity and threatening our societies is male infertility. This article will try to describe how this link can be established.
While millions of people are slowly dying of hunger, modern societies have to face new challenges directly linked to our way of life. Bad nutritional habits, stress, junk food and other factors contribute day after day to a dramatic explosion of obesity. But how can the obesity of today, combined with an aging population have a direct impact on the next children generation? Although no real study has ever been performed on this subject, science already proved us that obesity can have negative impacts on the sexual life and on the sperm quality.

Firstly, we should remember how body does secrete the testosterone. Testosterone is secreted in the testes, in the Leydig cells. This secretion only happens with the stimulation of the LH hormone ?LH hormone being secreted by the pituitary gland.  Testosterone is necessary to the fabrication of spermatozoids, the development of the male sexual organs and male sexual secondary characteristics. This hormonal process can only happen to active people, doing regular physical efforts. This is where the problem lies : obese people often tend to reduce physical efforts and this is why a decrease in testosterone production is clearly noticed in people suffering from overweight. This implies that obese people are less interested in sex than before.

Secondly, let抯 combine this problem with the female hormone, estrogen, naturally secreted in fat cells, and present in chemical component of common products; this makes the perfect infertility bomb. Note : obesity and pollution by estrogen like substances are only two factors explaining the rise of male infertility. Many other causes exist.

Zinc. Many people just think zinc is solely a metal. They are right, but zinc also plays an important role in general as well as sexual health. Zinc, found in e.g. oysters and nuts, enters the body through the food. Zinc allows you to keep your hair, an healthy skin and body tissues, and also maintains the motility and quality of sperm. Sadly, overweight people, with unbalanced diets, leave out many aliments containing zinc. That is why a decrease in quality of sperm is commonly linked to a zinc deficit. A rich zinc diet should contain: oysters, sea shells, nuts, seeds, beans and also meat and poultry.

There are ways to fight obesity, with the help of doctors and nutritionists, with good nutritional habits and herbal supplements that can help overweight people to get through with their diet. To fight obesity, herbal supplements like Hoodia Gordonii can be used. And to maintain the quality and motility of sperm, a daily supply of zinc is necessary. All these herbal supplements and products can be easily found and purchased on the internet nowadays.

Conclusion: obesity and male infertility are two new problems that modern societies must fight. Even if no in depth study has been conducted, scientists proved us there is a link between these two problems. With the help of science, these problems can be solved, provided that obese people adapt their nutritional habits.

10 Easy Ways to Increase Sperm

1) Cut down on mobile phone calls. Research carried out at a university in America in 2006 discovered a link between mobile phone usage and low sperm count in men. The more the men used mobile phones the less active their sperm became.

2) Keep your testicles and body temperature down. Heat has a negative effect on your sperm health and semen volume. You should aim to keep the temperature of them as cool as possible. Sleeping naked in cool room and wearing loose clothes are two effective ways to do this.

3) Exercise. in moderation Exercise for 20 minutes a day

4) Detox your body. Clean your body of toxins by drinking lots of water and eating plenty of fruit and vegetables

5) Mediate. Mediation reduces stress and puts you in a positive state of mind.

6) Eat organic food. Organic food is the best type of food you can eat if you want to increase your sperm count. It is free of pesticides and chemicals which can harm your sperm health

7) Eat a diet rich in zinc. Zinc is one of the best type of vitamin to increase sperm mobility and health.

8) Do not smoke. Smoking contains millions of bad chemicals and toxins which will decrease your fertility levels and can make you impotent.

9) Refrain from drinking alcohol. Alcohol also has a negative effect on sperm health and decreases ejaculation volume.

10) Sleep well Having a full nights sleep will increase your sperm count and semen volume. It will also boost your overall health and wellbeing. The human body needs time to repair itself. Aim for 8 hours sleep each night.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/men’s-health-articles/10-easy-ways-to-increase-sperm-556992.html

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