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Everything You Must Know About Nutrition

Nutrition is an extremely important part of any exercise plan or diet. You need to be sure than you are getting the right nutrients from the right foods. Food is fuel for the body and without it your body will starve and eventually die. You need to make sure that you are intelligent in nutrition before you start any exercise or diet plan.

The Basics
The basics are simple and anyone can learn this and the likelihood is that you’ve already been taught this in school or by being told by someone you know.

There are 5 major food groups; Starchy foods, such as rice, wholewheat pasta, bread and potatoes, Fruit and vegetables, Meat, fish, eggs and beans, Milk and dairy foods and foods containing fat and sugar. These 5 food groups are very important and are what you need to fuel your body. Make sure you get a balanced diet from these food groups and you will be set for a fit and healthy lifestyle.

How much to eat
It really depends on what you want to achieve from your exercising and diet efforts. If you are looking to lose weight then you need to maintain a low calorie intake and high calorie burning exercise. You will probably have to eat around 1200 calories a day and exercise enough to burn off a lot of what you eat so that your body is forced to dip into the reserves – the fat in your body which usually gets stored will be used by your body for energy.
If you are looking to gain weight then you will want a lot of protein as this helps build muscle. You can also eat a lot of protein if you are looking to lose weight as this helps build muscle and the more muscle you have the more fat you’ll burn.

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Nutrition health books

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Hypoglycemia: A Better Approach (hardcover)

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the Truth About Vitamin E (paper)

Let’s Get Well (Adelle Davis) (paper)

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Natural Healing and Nutrition, 1989, ’90, ’91. (Rodale) (hard cover)

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Are nutritional Rip-offs necessary to ensure health?

If you have a cure for endometriosis or hypothyroid
then let me know and we’ll hit all the talk shows together with your PROOF,
all the newspapers and radio shows… why let all those other women SUFFER
out there? Have you posted your CURE where others can benefit? What other
cures do you have in your bag of tricks? How is hypothyroid cured? With
colonics? Some magic mineral perhaps?

I think you should reconsider your approach to Alt Health. Note lets
concentrate on “Health”, which I know has been stated already.
Under Active thyroid: Has anyone including conventional medical practicioners
told you why you suffer from hypothyroid. Probably not, because it is not
fully understood. Could be something to do with the Pituitary Gland the main
regulator. I am sure you know the purpose of glands: Hormones. Now you have to
take a replacement. That’s far from healthy, but necessary, subject to
continuous blood tests to check levels. I know nothing about you personally,
excpet the stories told here, but you obviously are satisfied that in the
circumstances you are as healthy as possible. But, should the real question be,
or the one I would be asking, would be why did I get this condition? I am sure
you have, but what puzzles me is tha rule out the possibility of it being
something to do with your lifestyle or Nutrition. As you say you eat a healthy

Endometriosis: There is a cure: surgery. But it is ill advised as long as the
tissue that is or has grown outside of the uterus is not effecting any of the
other organs it may attach itself to. And, given that it should start to
dissappear naturally as you get through menopause. But the same question
arises, yet another hormone type problem. I know this is fairly common after
pregnancy, but still not a healthy situation.

My point being: lifestyle and Nutrition are a stsrting point from which good,
poor or bad health result. Alt MED will, in my opinion, only in a minority of
cases of serious ailments, offer a cure, by itself. It will in many cases, like
chiro and acupuncture, treat syptoms, just like medical doctors. In some cases
it can provide alt medications which again in some cases can sort out the
problem at its cause, but there is always the possibility that one could have
avoided the problems in the first place.

Does Hydrocut work? Side effects?

Hydroxycut does not build muscle. It is not marketed to build muscle. It is a weight loss aid.

Textbook hypophosphatemia and hypokalemia. While not as common as hyponatremia, these are no brainers for people who were exerting themselves and/or on any type of weight loss diet. He pissed/sweated/shit out his electrolytes. He’s lucky his heart didn’t stop. It’s very common and happens to many people every year. Even people who’ve never even heard of Hydroxycut.

Now, imagine something that blocks the body’s absorbtion of fat (chitosan). Imagine somebody goes on a severe diet with fat restriction and takes chitosan on top of that. What will happen over time is that they would no longer get enough fat soluble vitamins. This is the flip side of what happened here (too much excreted) but do such issues that build up over a long for people with poor diets mean the substance is bad?

I don’t think so. There are typically days, if not weeks of symptoms prior to any serious problems. Assuming, of course, a person is not a moron who takes 10x the dose the first time and doesn’t eat or drink water.