I’ve recently had a neurologist suggest I have Stiff Man’s disease (Moersch-Woltmann). I’m trying to find more information about the condition. Can anyone tell me what muscles of the body are usually affected? Only the muscles of my right foot and lower leg are affected. I believe I really have dystonia, and my neurologist is [...]

About a year ago, I was a regular here on A.S.Thyroid. Since then, my healthhas held up rather well, thank you. My request is for some background material for someone whose wife ‘s :thyroidis “dying out”. I suspect Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. The man is my mailman andhis wife, soon to be ex-wife, is a old school [...]

Graves Disease

March 29, 2007 | Leave a Comment

I have had graves disease for at least a year now. i have had a totalthyroidectomy and i went thru radiation last april. i can tell i stillhave it when i get mad i can feel the pressure on my eyes. i gained alot of weight for taking prednisone for so long. i have startedwalking [...]

LONDON (Reuters) – Lesbians are just as likely as heterosexual womento get sexually transmitted diseases such as hepatitis and genital herpes, Australian researchers said on Tuesday. Since hepatitis is also an injected-dope disease, all that likely means isthat lesbians are as likely to use injected dope as are straight women.Genital herpes? It spreads just fine [...]

Posted this to ATC, and decided to also post it here at WH, because I findthis case to be quite thought-provoking. Imagine being told as a child of 6 or7 or 8, that you had a fatal disease that would kill you before you even reachyour teens, and to have to live with this FATAL [...]

I’m doing a little research to see if anyone else is having the same problemwith AETNA which I’m having. When offered the ” Golden Age” health plan inDecember 1999 at a cost of 53.00 a month I immediately declined it and chose“Base 10″ which was only 15.00 per month. Despite repeated assurances fromAETNA reps that [...]

Joseph Cary Merrick, better known as the Elephant Man, probably suffered from an unusual disfiguring disease–but not the one bearing his nickname. X-ray studies and three-dimensional computed tomography scans of the skeletal remains of Victorian England’s celebrity back a theory that he suffered from an extremely rare disorder called Proteus syndrome, scientists announced today in [...]

Health officials are investigating a suspected case of lyme disease inHampton. Larry Spruill lives and works in the Foxhill area of the city and wasdiagnosed with the disease Thursday. Lyme disease is caused by a bacteria – and individuals get it from infecteddeer ticks.Deer ticks are so small, many people may not even know they’ve [...]

The event that everyone has been waiting for with bated breath has arrived.De Man is, hereby, announcing the official unveiling of the Natural HealthPerspective Longevity Program at:http://home.naturalhealthperspective.com/longevity.html While De Man’s Longevity Program wont extend the maximum life span of thehuman species, it will add years to your life and life to your years.And, as an [...]

CONTROL OF COMMUNICABLE DISEASES IN MAN. Mine is the fourteenth edition from 1985. I’m sure it’s been updatedseveral times by now. Lots of good technical info on how to prevent,control and treat communicable diseases. Copyright 1985. ISBN#0-87553-130-X. The American Public Health Association, 1015 Fifteenth StNW, Washington DC 20005. I got my copy when I worked [...]

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