Anyone familiar with this product? Do I have to worry about taking this vitamin and mineral supplement while on the diet? I use the woman’s “edition” of this vitamin only because my husband picked it out for me from the beginning. When I first started, I didn’t take any supplements but found that without them [...]

I’m registered to take the ANCC exam for certification in communityhealth / public health nursing on October 2 in Boston. Could anyonerecommend a good text or texts to prepare for this exam, as there isno prep course for this test. My background is a RN BSN. I’m a nursein a large homeless shelter in Boston. [...]

Is there anything special about ‘key man insurance’ for a business otherthan the fact that it is a life insurance policy that names a corporation asa beneficiary? If I understand the purpose of the proceeds correctly it would fund abuy/sell agreement. Unless you want to be partners with your partner’sspouse or children, that’s what’s special. [...]

The managed care industry has grown dramatically in recent years.Employers, insurance carriers, hospitals and the general public havesought alternative means or providing comprehensive health care atreduced costs. The result in California has been HMO’s, which is themost cost effective option for employers trying to find health insurancefor their employees. The HMO advertises that it will [...]

For plus-size patients, health care bias is a real issue Thursday’s cooler temps notwithstanding, these are the steamy days thatsome women of a certain weight dread. Maybe it’s having to peel off the sweaters and expose those upper arms.Or perhaps it’s the thought of fitting into this season’s ubiquitoustankini, which manufacturers promise will flatter every [...] Widgets Soon i will be off my meds that require me not get a large amount of vitamin A. So my question is, what is the best Multi-Vitamin I can get? I would greatly recommend Solgar vitamins to you. In my opinion, they are the best on the market. They’ve been around for over [...]

There’s a list of health benefits when you quit smoking, and this *isn’t* it, but a list of my own observations of additional benefits… 1 day: Amazement; tiny bit of optimism peeks thru the gloom 2 days: Teeth get whiter 3 days: Thought occurs: (Is this possible?? Maybe this is do-able????) 4 days; Five seconds [...]

A good example of where “private” health providers can increase theefficiency of the single payer health system is the following. Assume there is a clinic in the private sector doing MRI’s forworkperson’s compensation; automobile collisions, etc. This clinic wouldnot have a 100% “up time” for the machine. In other words, the capacityutilization would be something [...]

eco health minister visit rural health centers in iran tehran, jan. 23, irna — health ministers of member states of theeconomic cooperation organization (eco) today visited a number ofrural health centers in villages around tehran to learned about basichealth care, maternity and family planning services in rural areas. representtatives from the united nations children’s fund [...]

The selling of socialized medicine (c’mon, let’s use the term…I’m not afraid of it) must be done intitially in two parts: A). Sell it to the population at large & B). Sell it to big and small business. 1. Proponents of socialized medicine should start educating the masses about the benefits of this system vis [...]

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