You can see that the VA is being run by a bunch of amateurs, any decentfederal employee would have a shopping list of things that could beordered to spend the surplus before any cutoff deadline. A sure sign ofincompetant magaement. If it is spent I smell new office furniture andimproved administrative perks. In Thursday’s GAO [...]

It hardly need be emphasized that research and development plays a pivotal rolein bringing about the development of a nation. This being the case, everynation in the world tries to serve the best interest of their people byfocusing their attention on research and development. The Union of Myanmar isalso encouraging research and development work in [...]

Join the Americans for Health Care Campaign:——–Working Together for Affordable, Reliable Care Americans for Health Care is uniting working families, small businessowners, seniors, health care workers, community leaders, and policymakers to fight for affordable, quality health care that we can allcount on. In states across the country, we are building broad-basedcoalitions of individuals and organizations [...]

Is anyone familiar with how to find out information aboutresearch done within the Physicians Health Study?? Specifically, I am interested in any regression analysis donewith regard to DHEA and Prostate disease. What was the DHEA level of an individual who currently hasprostate cancer or BPH 5 – 10 – 15 years ago, as compared toan [...]

Two announcements from the Western Australian Health Department.In June 1988, in Western Australia the Health Department in full-pageadvertisements in local papers declared: “The statistics arefrightening. Smoking will kill almost 700 women in Western Australiathis year. If present trends continue, lung cancer will soon overtakebreast cancer as the most common malignant cancer in women”. What wasfrightening [...]

My family and I have PPO-type health insurance (to use the term loosely)through Preferred Health Network (PHN). I have a question about standardprocedures for such organizations. Last winter I had a bad case of the “flu,” and called my family physician’soffice for an appointment. (He is the preferred provider under the PHNinsurance.) The answering service [...]

February 15, 2007 Wal-Marts open walk-in clinics Non-emergency medical help will be available at walk-in clinics openingtoday inside eight Wal-Mart stores in Alabama. The CheckUps clinics, staffed by nurse practitioners, are scheduled to openat 9 a.m. today in two Wal-Mart stores in Huntsville and one each inTrussville, Gardendale, Hartselle, Athens, Bay Minette and Mobile.The nurse [...]

Trying to Improve Someone’s Diet Health I’m faced with a very difficult problem: Someone I know well has recentlyexperienced serious health problems. (She was recently hospitalized andfrequently claims to be “ill,” even after her hospitalization.) I’m vegan,she is not. I can see her problem from a distance, and it’s apparent thatshe can’t. The problem is [...]

Growth hormone deficiency impacts on psychiatric health Growth hormone deficient (GHD) children who are referred for growthhormone treatment often show a poor quality of life associated withfeelings of anxiety, depression, and social isolation, says BrianStabler, from the University of North Carolina. Interestingly, he notes that recent observations have found that shortchildren who are not referred [...]

Not to beat a dead horse, but this subject is probably more important(to me anyway) than debates about WMD or unjustified wars. It *could* be the difference between a vote for Kerry or not. Harry, You have stated that Kerry’s plan is modeled on that offered to federalemployees. What was Hillary chartered to do when [...]

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