Walking: a Simple Exercise Program That Gives You Results

Walking is the best form of exercise – it works a large range of muscle groups in your body and is easy and fun to do. Walking is the simplest form of exercise and is really good for you. It helps improve a number of things as well as weight loss and muscle gain.

Walking helps improve circulation – all the walking you do will increase blood flow and will ensure your body is working properly. It also helps your heart as it elevates your heart rate slightly for a long period of time which is good for the heart. It helps boost your metabolism which is great for weight loss. It also boosts your energy – any exercise will give you more energy because it releases chemicals called endorphins which make you feel happy and give you a sense of well being and this increase energy.

It also helps with mental issues such as stress and depression – walking can help you feel better about yourself and always helps if you are stressed out. If you are stressed regularly with work or personal issues then taking a brisk walk everyday can help. When you are stressed your body is looking for some way of letting off steam – if you walk briskly then your body will concentrate on exercise and release all those lovely endorphins which help you relax.

Walking is free and can be done anywhere and is probably the most popular form of exercise – you can do it anywhere and your friends can join you too. It’s an ideal way of getting exercise, getting out of the house and of course relaxing and seeing the world. You can easily get started with a walking routine – simply time yourself and see how far your can get – as you get fitter you will be able to get further because you’ll be walking faster and won’t be as out of breath. The further you go with this the easier it will be.

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