Diabetes cure?

I am newly diagnosed diabetic. I have been told by a nutrionalist, who himself beat diabetes, that taking Chromium Complex, 200 mcg, 3 times per day with a meal can beat diabetes. My doctor also confirmed that he has heard of people who have done the same. Does anyone know of such stories where diabetes was beaten by taking the mineral Chromium? Also, anyone know of any other home remedy being used to defeat this miserable disease?

Any professional that deals with diabetics knows that there is NO CURE. You cannot BEAT diabetes. You CAN control it, but then you are a diabetic in control.

As for the supplement at hand… I take many supplements for many reasons, but I would take no supplement that touted a cure. It can only be snake oil.

As far as I know no one has ever been cured of diabetes.

If you have a gross deficit of any vitamin or mineral. Today few people ever face gross deficits.

A woman that has gestational diabetes may have all symptoms go away after pregnancy.

I can see where temporary high sugars can be caused by curable condition.

Chromium and a hundreds other items are touted as a “cure”. The only thing that ever helped me is tight control of blood sugars.

I see how some people might be able to delay the usual progress of the condition.

If anyone has a verifiable story of a cure I would like to hear about it.