The number of obese Americans has more than doubled since 1980, affectingone out of three persons, or a total of 59 million adults. “Obesity is a critical public health problem in our country that causesmillions of Americans to suffer unnecessary health problems and to dieprematurely.” Obesity is a disease, according to the largest US government [...]

It’s more good news, but why don’t they ever seem to do studies onbabies that are breast-fed for longer than a few months? By ascientific standard, Dr. Bachrach’s last comment is speculation. Dr. Bachrach said that 6% of all US infants younger than 1 year of ageare hospitalized annually for lower respiratory tract disease, whichelevates [...]

Many Lyme disease activists and patients assert that Lyme disease is a difficult-to-treat, chronic infection that requires long-term consumption of broad-spectrum antibiotics. (See common beliefs about Lyme disease.) Although medical practice and clinical trials suggest otherwise [15], many Lyme patients undergo long-term intravenous antibiotic treatment. For appropriate intravenous antibiotic treatment, the American College of Physicians [...]

My husband’s grandmother has Machado-Joseph disease. She is a descendantof William Machado, from the island of Sao Miguel in Portugal. I am trying to find out what, if anything, can be done to improve theataxia that is associated with the disease. She started having signs ofthe disease when she reached the age of 45. She [...]

The entire approach and foundation of Orthodox Medicine is based on Luis Pasteur’s Germ Theory, a flawed concept. A disease condition is viewed by the orthodoxy as an isolated event, confined to the area in which it manifests itself (E.g. an ear infection, eye infection, gum infection, lung cancer, skin cancer, etc. ). Under this [...]

You posters on here keep saying Celine has a disease, so what disease doesCeline have? I’m guessing maybe she has elephant man’s disease or bulimia?Anyone know what diseases Celine Dion has? Are u just shooting out any disease that may make you sound inteligent.Elephant Man’s disease, first only happen man, and it causes for the [...]

By maintaining your physical fitness can be very effective inprevention of Alzheimer’s disease. Usually Mental exercises are usesto prevent Alzheimer’s. Read full Article & Tips I’m no expert in the relationship between AD and exercise andI know that no one really is. But I personally find the relationshipquite credible. We know that exercise is [...] Widgets Epidemiologists Vote to Keep Doing Junk Science Epidemiology Monitor (October 1997) An estimated 300 attendees a recent meeting of the American College ofEpidemiology voted approximately 2 to 1 to keep doing junk science! Specifically, the attending epidemiologists voted against a motionproposed in an Oxford-style debate that “risk factor” epidemiology isplacing the field of [...]

I have read on the net about the possibility of transmitting the bacteriain people with periodonitis between spouses. My girlfriend has had thedisease for several years and has always had proper care. Now I waswondering is there a possibility I could get this condition. My teeth arefine except for some cavaties and a root canal. [...]

Infectious Disease Admissions to HospitalsAnyone know the numbers/percentages re. the rate of admission (notincl. ER) of ‘infectious disease patients’ to U.S. hospitals comparedwith numbers/percentages of ‘infectious disease patients’ who visitprivate U.S. medical facilities (physicians’ offices and clinics)? what do you mean by “infectious disease patients” ?what do you mean by “rate of admission” ?most patients [...]

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